Tricks for the Big Day

10% or 20%?

We all have very different views when it comes to tipping anyone, let alone vendors who we have already paid. So, what is that makes us tip a waiter/waitress at a fancy restaurant after paying the bill? Their hair? Their style? Their shoes? No, it’s their hospitality, presence and service. Don’t get me wrong, a vendor’s bill and a table for two’s bill, are very different in prices but from someone who has worked in the hospitality and restaurant industry for many years, a tip really does mean the world.

It’s a known fact that most waiting staff rely on their tips as they are on minimum wage or have zero-hour contracts; two things that can be quite detrimental when it comes to paying the bills. Tips are a way of not just helping financially but showing your appreciation to someone who has more than likely worked a 12-hour shift and is still pushing on with a smile on their face.

Another thing to think abut when deciding if or indeed how much to tip a waiting team, is how much strain vendors go through to pull of such events like weddings.

Being able to take the pressure from our boss is something we all have to deal with, but not all of us have to wait (hand and foot) to make sure people get the best experience they can. Weddings are the biggest of the big when it comes to the event industry, this is someone’s special day so EVERY-THING has to be perfect. There are so many behind the scene tasks that have to be executed to the highest of standards, jobs most people don’t know exist.

This is a subject I feel very passionate about, but I won’t ramble on. I just think we should be mindful to the people who bring these weddings together. They do such amazing and stressful jobs that don’t get the appreciation they deserve.

The hospitality industry really does make the world go round.  

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