Georgina’s the name, Weddings are my game.

I started off my career in the Hospitality Sector with a Baker many years ago, this small business really got me thinking about what I’d like to do long-term and where I’d like to go. I moved away from this and into Restaurant work, my first ever Restaurant was a small Gastro Pub just outside of Warwick, I learnt a great deal about customer service, fine-dining and hard-work here. My hat goes off to anyone who has ever been a waiter/waitress, any type of chef, kitchen assistant and pub owner, there is such graft in this industry which little amount of people see.


From working in this Restaurant, an event would pop up every now and again that needed organising, I’d find this procedure extremely exciting and fascinating. Something about pulling off such big events really got me thinking about what I could do for myself when the time comes.

Life pulled me away from the Hospitality industry for a while, but I soon went bouncing back, I missed the interaction with all walks-of-life, the hustle and bustle of the industry and the constant reminder that everyone deserves to have a smile on their face; so here we have it – Blanchette Weddings!

With this business, I am hoping to create a sense of relief to many couples out there who don’t have the time, the right structure in place or whom simply don’t know where to start. I want couples to not feel as though they have to do this or they have to do that because ‘it’s the way it should be’. I like to think we all have a bit of rebellious within us, so we should go for what we want and not what others want to see. I hope to bring out the very best of people through this business by planning kick-a** weddings!