Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand.

We all need some advice every now and again, especially with new tasks or things we haven’t done before – a wedding is the perfect example of a first-time project, probably! Every wedding is different and each Bride and Groom want to make theirs the very best and most accommodating to them individually. Which is why I’ve created this service in order to advise those couples on creating the wedding of their dreams.

For this service, myself and the client will meet up or video call and discuss which areas they need help with or which parts of the décor they are struggling with and together we will create a plan for them to follow which best suits them and their needs. These advisory appointments can be from the very start of the planning process, to help identify the key tasks and jobs that need prioritising, to the final finishing touches. With this service, I am also more than happy to accompany you at Venue viewings or Vendor meetings, by doing this I am able to give you my professional opinion on what the Vendor is proposing, if the Venue meets your needs and requirements and offering my expertise on what best fits your ideal wedding.

This service, like the On the day Coordination, is based upon an hourly rate of £30, but with this service the price does not fluctuate, I will simply offer my professional knowledge and opinion on what ever subject you need some advise on. I will also give you my personal opinion and make sure you are aware of exactly what you need to know, Weddings can be such an expense so if I am able to help you save money in anyway then I will, there are many ways in which people over budget for their wedding and even under-budgeting can cost you more in the long run. So, advice such as this service can be a time-saver, money-saver and stress-saver – a few things we could all be doing with!!