Tricks for the Big Day

Cheesy or Romantic?

The level of romance at your wedding boils down to the number of personal items or quirks you may have to fill the venue. If you have a ‘Memory Wall’ full of photographs from all of your sweet moments, then you are a bit of a romantic. Or, if you have adorable little quotes all around the venue from the first moment you met or when they proposed, then you are quite romantic. But, if you have a massive picture of the pair of you kissing as your main back-drop of the reception hall, well then by golly, you are the gushiest, most romantic couple there is!

Now that’s an image!

As my other blogs should read (hopefully), your wedding is all about you and who you are as a couple, but I believe you should always leave your guests wanting to know more. A variation of cuteness is always a nice balance for a wedding, it ties in the meaning of the day and shows everyone how much this marriage means to you. You don’t want everyone knowing the personal intimacy (not in that way, my goodness!) between the pair of you, this is special for you and you alone.

Take time to figure out just how much of the relationship you want people to read into, if you don’t mind your friends knowing you call him such things as “Sugar-Bear” then by all means go for something as wild as the smooch-fest masterpiece, however if you like to leave things to the imagination then maybe a matching pair of Converse for the day or the perfect song for your first-dance as a happily married couple. Just something that beautifully represents you as a couple.

Romance is not something that can be written down or explained, its an odd concept that we feel within us. Romance to me could be completely different to how you see it, my sort of romance is a cup of tea and a good natter about all things life but some people see this as an everyday thing, I see it as a moment out of the day that allows a couple to focus in on what’s really important – stability, trust and the many benefits of a good cup of tea!

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