Be the Bride, not the Wedding Organiser.

You may have done all of the planning and styling yourself, but you don’t want to be worrying on the day if the caterer has turned up on time, whether the bows on your seating are staying straight or how your Mother-In-Law is getting on at her hotel room. You want to be glamming yourself up, relaxing in your fluffy bath robe whilst your make-up artist does her thing and taking each step with ease and excitement (ooh, and maybe one or two glasses of Champagne!).

Your big day will be nerve-wracking as it is, which is why having a professional there at your side can make everything seem that little less scary and a bit more magical. I will be there to make sure all vendors are on time, the venue is completely set-up and the cars are on their way, I will also be happy to check in on any close family and friends to make sure all is set in place and we can proceed with smiles all round.

The price for this service is charged at an hourly rate starting from £30 per hour, the price does vary depending on what is expected from me. But all of this can be determined in our first initial appointment. I charge this service in such a way due to not being able to determine exactly how long i will be there for, as I am more than happy to stay all day, starting from early in the morning to whenever you’d like me to stay in the evening. By doing this I can guarantee an exceptionally organised day.