Tricks for the Big Day

Social Media Frenzy

Being in the moment is all about being away from your phone, no-one really focuses on their surroundings when scrolling through Facebook or snapping a quick selfie.

And with it being your wedding day, you need to make sure you’re present and soaking up the exciting atmosphere that comes with such events. This is the one day you don’t have to be mindful of emails or that newsletter the boss is sending over. It’s a day to be alive and surrounded by all you love and all that love you.

As 21st Century beings, we always feel so lost when we don’t have our phone to hand or something digital to hold on to. It’s a piece of certainty in our lives that we know will always be there to occupy us with or to assist in any situation, from emergencies to finding the nearest Starbucks. Keep your phone with someone you trust, someone who is going to be in close proximity most of the evening so you always know where it is. 

If you think I’m going a bit over-board with such minor details, have a think about where you go in your day-to-day life that you don’t take your phone with you. We use our phones on public transport to ‘look busy’ or listen to music, we link our phones to the car in case of phone calls or messages, we always have our phones in our pockets or on our desks in fear we miss out on the latest news update or a Facebook mention. We even take our phone to the toilet with us, because reading the labels off shampoo bottles just isn’t good enough. Our phones are our lives, we keep all matter of information in them, everything we need is just a few swipes away.

I write these blogs to help you become more aware of what really goes in to planning a wedding. All details are important, no matter how small. Whether you want a big extravagant ball or a cosy little venue, there are still tiny details that both weddings to need to consider. It’s always best to read Blogs or get in contact with Wedding Professionals, to really understand the planning of such magical moments.

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