You should feel at your finest!

I am a huge supporter of people loving themselves and feeling happy in their own skin. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t all of the time, it’s very difficult to constantly love something you are told to see so many flaws in. Some days we feel great about ourselves; our hairs shining, our make-up is perfect and the outfit we have chosen just sits so well in all of the right places, but other days we don’t do ourselves up and we get in our comfy clothes and for some reason this makes us feel bad – even if we are at our happiest.

I am a curvy woman, so buying clothes of all styles is challenging enough, but the thought of going Wedding Dress shopping is daunting – I’m not even getting married!! And this isn’t because of the materials used or how heavy the dress is, it’s all down to the shape of the dress and how you feel in it. There are so many characteristics to wedding dresses that need to be taken into consideration when finding the right one. You need comfort and you need confidence, the two key points a wedding dress must have!

I, personally, have always had a quirky sense of style and the sort of fashion I go for isn’t really made for the bigger woman, so I have to improvise a lot in order to feel comfort in the clothes I wear. I like cake far too much to slim down for a certain type of fashion, if I like it, it fits me and I’m comfortable then I’ll have it! I have gone through many fashion choices over the years and have now settled for the Rockabilly/Pin-Up look, I find this fashion the comfiest and most fitting to me.

This service allows me to accompany you and help you identify the right shape for your figure, the right aesthetic to go with your chosen theme and the right colour to compliment you. I believe every Bride should feel on top of the world on their wedding day and the right dress really does determine this. With my knowledge and experience, I will be able to help you understand exactly what you are looking for when shopping, create an ideal dress so you don’t waste too much time dragging yourself around wedding dress shops and enable you to really feel comfortable in your own skin. Every woman should be able to look at themselves in the mirror on their wedding day and fall in love with what they see, look back on photo’s and drop their jaw in awe of how beautiful they looked on the happiest day of their lives.

This service is priced at £25 per hour, you can have me for as little or as long as you wish – I am here to help and hopefully enable you to see in all of your ‘flaws’.