Tricks for the Big Day

Tissues at the Ready

We’ve always been told how important it is to show our true emotions and from someone who has had her own fair share of Mental Health Issues, I couldn’t agree more. However, I must say, as someone who is a makeup fanatic and all about getting that perfect winged eye-liner, crying is something I try to avoid where possible. Especially if I’ve spent an hour or two perfecting my look, which most brides go through on their wedding day. There is nothing more frustrating than going through such an intense time, to have it ruined hours later. But it has to be said, sometimes crying is the only way of showing your true feelings. Shedding those happy tears helps let those around us know exactly what their kind gestures mean to us.

And from a photography point of view, it would be lovely to capture the bride shed a tear or two to emphasise the meaning of the day. But only one will do! – photos won’t look as aesthetically pleasing with a permanent line of mascara running down her cheek.

That why tissues are a bride’s best friend on her wedding day!

The photographers main aim of the day is to capture as many heart-warming moments of the newly-weds as humanly possible and in order to get wonderful images, they have to look their best all day long. Men have it pretty easy when it comes to glamming themselves up for a special occasion; hair gel, a sharp suit and enough (but not too much) aftershave. They don’t have to worry about their hair sticking to their glossed lips, sweating off foundation or even losing a whole row of eyelashes! And if they do that’s going to be one glamorous wedding for sure!

A tissue can save the day when it comes to makeup; drying those sparkly eyes, wiping that brow or removing any excess lipstick to make sure you don’t leave colourful marks all over the place. But carrying tissues can be a pain especially if you don’t have pockets or a sleeve to shove them up. Keep tissues with your Maid of Honour or someone close. You can even fold them up neatly and place them between the stems on your bouquet, a savvy life hack there for you! Tissues really are a god-send on wedding days, they are life-savers for when the day inevitably becomes over-whelming or just too special.

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