Tricks for the Big Day

Who to Invite?

Deciding who to invite to your Special Day is a big decision that you and your spouse must both agree on. Let’s face it, the in-laws aren’t always the easiest to get along with! Never-the-less, this is a day for both of you to share, to embrace with the people you love the most. It’s difficult to know who will get along with who on the day, especially after a few glasses of bubbly. And it’s a worrying thought, that all Brides and Grooms have when thinking about the ‘What-Ifs’ – but it’s not something you should concern yourself with.

One of the best things about having a Wedding Planner or an On the Day Manager, is the way they handle your guests so you don’t have to!! As your eyes and ears for the day, your Wedding Planner will make sure all runs as smooth as possible, so you can enjoy every moment of your big day.  You don’t have to tell all the nitty gritty details of why Aunt Bessie doesn’t get along with Uncle Ben, just who to keep away from who – or who to keep an eye on.

This is what you pay your Wedding Planner for, after all.

Most Wedding Planners or On the Day Managers will have come across many family matters before, both personal and professional, because, well, we can’t choose them! Making your Planner or Manager aware of what’s going or what to be aware of, allows you to relax and celebrate such an occasion with ease and tranquillity – OOH! And lots of bubbly too! Make sure to find a personable and approachable Wedding Planner, someone who you feel comfortable around. You need to build a trusting relationship with your Planner, at the end of the day, they are going to be a part of such a magical experience with you.

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